Many of the McDonald’s restaurants within the UK have staff hand wash stations installed which are fitted with the Sheardown Compact Knee Valve No.172.

Some earlier versions of the staff hand wash stations are fitted with other types of valves.

This web page is to help McDonald’s staff and maintenance contractors to identify whether or not the Sheardown Compact Knee Valve No.172 is fitted in their restaurant. It also provides servicing information and spare part identification.

Replacement items or spare parts can be ordered by sending an email to Please be sure to provide the store number, delivery address, your name and a contact telephone number. We do not supply parts for items that are not shown on this web site.

Compact Knee Valve No. 172

This valve is located behind a stainless steel plate, mounted below the staff hand wash station. When this plate is pushed by an operators knee, it opens the valve. Once released, the valve automatically closes. Within the valve is a non-concussive mechanism which helps to avoid the nuisance of water hammer on high pressure water systems.

Click here to see servicing details and a parts list for the Compact Knee Valve 172